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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  October 7, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> did you expect every black student and every bck college in america to be out there in the middle of every fight? >> he was just warming up. >> we begin with a slight pick up in hiring for the month of september. a small ray of sunshine from today's jobs report. perhaps more importantly, it's likely to lessen fear that is the country is hurdling towards another recession. employers added 103,000 jobs, a boost from august's flat line in job growth. not enough to reduce unemployment. the rates stop at 9.1% for the third month. though it offered encouraging signs, you wouldn't have known it if you were listening to the congressional opponents. >> so o sorry to say the news is not good. unemployment is above 8%. the rate didn't change and it has been that way for far too long. all we hear from the powers that be here in washington is more of
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the same. >> more of the same. that's true, isn't it? like when they say the president is kicking the can down the road. >> kicking the can down the road. >> kicking the can down the road. >> kicking the can down the road. >> kicking the can down the road. >> kicking the can down the road. >> kicking the can downed root. >> yep. i almost wonder if they have a contest going. i bet eric kantor gets extra points when he serves up the president and failure in the same sentence with a sprinkling of paranoia on top. >> this administration's failed policies resulted in an assault of many of the bedrock principals. i am concerned about the growing mobs occupying wall street and the other cities across the country. believe it or not, some in this town have actually condoned the pitting of americans against
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americans. >> very interesting. when it's the tea party, the protesters are patriots. when it's occupy wall street, they are mobs. of course fear monger suggest what they do best when they are not doing much else. especially on job creation as the president pointed out thursday. >> the answer we are getting right now is we are going to roll back all these obama regulations. so they are big economic plans. to put people back to work right now. it's to roll back financial protections. >> right. roll back regulation and allow the markets to flourish ungettered. that will fix everything. hang on. isn't that what is bringing protesters out on to the streets? isn't that what got us into this mess in the first place? perhaps mr. kantor should take a look at what economist paul crudeman writes today. the protester's indictment has a
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destructionive force economically and politically is completely right. it's done easy to forget just how courageous the story of our economic woes really is. nbc's mike viquiera is live at the white house. kantor and the president are having a rally over the protest, but what is it that makes mr. kantor so afraid of them? >> i had an opportunity to ask jay karn be the remark this morning at the value voter summit here in washington. he termed it hypocrisy on the reasons you would say they are employing the same language. it comes on the heels of yet another if not dizzyenal jobs report, treading water is the eh conme stuck at 9.1%. he was echoed by many officials. we don't believe there will be a double dip, but no question the economy flowed and job creation has slowed.
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they are quick to pivot to the jobs act. the president's proposal saying this is what is needed. the economists and economists here at the white house and those that are popular with democratic circles saying the job could mean 2% growth and could lower the unemployment rate substantially and once again, something on republicans for not taking action. eric kantor said he doesn't like the all or nothing approach he was presented with. >> mike viquiera at the white house. i was going to ask you one other question. we had the press conference today. i understand the white house is also issued a corrective to mitt romney who gave something of a foreign policy speech. >> mitt romney did give a foreign policy speech in south carolina at the citadel. he was critical of the period as you might imagine. here's what the white house said. suppose he has to say something.
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that was basically their response and the spokesman said twice during the course of the president's record. he went on to say something you might expect him to say. what's interesting about that is of all the candidates and the to be and froing, the white house stays away from that they will criticize mitt romney after he was critical of the president. i want to bring in bern saunders from vermont. good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon. >> you have a new guardian online. millions of americans lost their jobs and home and life satisfyings. they lost their jobs and their homes. the same banks were bailed out
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by the taxpayers and they are about to start paying themselves massive year end bonuses. how have they got away with it? >> that is the $64 question. that is what the anger of the american people is about. millions lose their jobs. wall street is the most powerful economic and political entity in the country. they have unlimited resources. they buy and sell politicians. they have been able to protect their own interests and well being. >> do you know that every single time there is a republican presidential debate it is almost like a harmonious chorus from every candidate saying what we need, fewer taxes and fewer regulations.
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cut back on the regulations. that's what they tell us. i thought that one of the reasons why we had the catastrophic circumstances of 2008 was principally because there were no regulations. nobody was regulating the derivatives market. >> martin, of course you are absolutely right. wall street spent if i can believe this, $5 billion over a 10-year period through lobbying and campaign contributions to get to the deregulation so that they could end up doing whatever they wanted to do. they did whatever they wanted to do. they put worthless products out on to the market place. they created a ponzi scheme. the bubble burst and we are in the terrible recession. the idea that any serious candidate for president can say what we need is more deregulation because we really trust wall street is beyond comprehension.
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>> can you characterize that form of thinking? is it lunacy? idiotic? >> no. not lunacy and idiotic. what it is is people who are working. candidates who are working on behalf of wall street and the wealthiest people in the country. they do not see their job as -- these are the same people who want to end social security and medicare and make massive cuts in medicaid and education while they give tax breaks and millionaires and billionaires. their job is to represent the wealthiest people that certainly includes wall street and they could care less about the well being of average americans. >> you are actually referring to eric candor. he has been dismissing the protesters as you know. how much longer can he carry on defending the wealthiest people in the society knowing full well
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that there 14 million people out of work, poverty is at record levels and a jobs act available for passage through congress and yet mr. kantor has absolutely zero interest in it. >> you are right and that's what the struggle is about. these guys have tremendous amounts of money. they pore huge amounts of money into candidates's campaigns. they lobby very effectively. what our job is right now is to educate, organize the american people the republicans are in the pocket of big money and couldn't care less about ordinary people. we have to deal with the democratic party which is much too conservative. we need a progressive agenda that said the government will work for all of the people in this country and not just the wealthy and the powerful special interest. >> i was shocked by another line in your piece where you talk
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about $5 billion being spent by financial institutions to achieve their goal of repealing financial regulations. $5 billion. can you reassure me that you are not kpaj ray ra exaggerate something. >> we are not exaggerating. that is how much they spent. another fact despite the fact that we bailed out wall street because you remember they were too big to fail. the six largest financial institutions have assets that are the equivalent of 60% of the gdp of the united states of america. you have a handful of entities with enormous economic power with incredible wealth that gives them tremendous political power and the struggle is to
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take them out in my view. you have to break them up and you have to bring back significant regulation so they don't engage in the ponzi schemes. >> how is it possible that people encourage capitalism for everyone until a bank fails and then socialism is acceptable. we are to bail out the banks. we have to accept that. that's right. if it happens, it's that you mention. he is one of the leaders of the
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in that case, the government should note play a role. in fact, we should move the other way and cut programs that working families and low income americans need. what this is called is socialism for the rich and rugged cap callism for working families. >> just a final question. the president has spent the last few weeks taking this jobs bill to the people. pleasing with them to call members and make phone calls and send e-mails and demand that congress answers why they won't support this bill. but are you going to have any effect here? you and i know that with the election coming, many of these republicans have been transparent about what their agenda is about. it has nothing to do with the unemployed. it has to do with one man who is employed in the white house and they want him out.
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>> our job is to make sure that everybody in america understands. i would go a lot further. i must tell you. we have the capability by rebuilding the infrastructure and transforming the system and creating millions of decent-paying jobs which we desperately need when unemployment is as high as it is right now. the republicans have zero. nothing it say except the all trickle down economic mantra. give more tax breaks to billionaires and more deregulation of wall street and more unfettered free trade that cost us large numbers of jobs. what we have got to do is make it clear to the american people that this republican control over the house has been a disaster for our economy and for working families. >> as ever, thank you so much for joining us there.
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. sometimes it's hard work finding great quips and sound bytes, but thanks to the verbal food fights from capitol hill to the white house and even the supreme court, today was like a stroll in the house. here they are. the friday editions of top lines. >> my plan as candid as he was is to beat president obama. that's going on for nine months. >> americans should appreciate that. they should learn to love the
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gridlock. it's there for a reason so that the legislation that gets out will be good. >> nothing disappointed me more than what's happened over the last five weeks. to watch the president of the united states give up on governing and leading and spend full time campaigning. >> americans should appreciate that. they should learn to love the gridlock. >> for congress does something, i can't run against a do nothing congress. >> story strong enough to beat this president? >> absolutely. it's strong enough for both of us. >> they are both people. >> the plan out that their that is the 999. i have a better plan. it's the 000 plan. did you expect every black student and every black college in america to be out there in the middle of every fight? >> i am grateful for the government to pass in the civil rights act of 1964. democrats alone did not pass the two pieces of legislation. >> there were very much and
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strong inconsistencies in the story. i know for a fact in 1984 that iraq was painted over. >> you are a southern white guy and this is part of your life. >> former communications director, also an msnbc contributor and writer for "the washington post." john, if i can begin with you, you have written's piece in which you suggest that rick perry has a problem with race as an issue. this follows a story on the rock that has the n word painted upon it for sometime. is this a problem that perry needs to address head on? yes, it may not be a problem for him. if he hopes to have a chance again, the incumbent president of the united states, we will have to find a way to talk persuasively about his issues
3:20 pm
and his views on race. particularly the issue with his hunting camp. otherwise i think he should follow the example of mississippi governor haley barber who you recall was considering a run for the nomination and his camp even let it be known to us here at "the washington post" that he was considering a peach on race of his own to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the freedom writers and he decided not to run for president and one of the theorys is he could not figure out how to talk about his views on race in a way that wouldn't do him damage in his electoral process. you suggesting that the context of race goes far beyond? >> absolutely. we have issues early on with the fon red rate flag and issues
3:21 pm
with the gravesites and memorials and plaques and against efforts of the naacp to remove them and other issues involving staff and things where they had plenty of reports of how rick perry does have a race problem and that the issue with his hunting camp is just more in a series of issues. >> karen, despite the issues, perry is raking in the money to the tune of $17 million. that in a sporter period of time in the period allocated for the candidates to raise funs. he is clearly a darling of the republican party. innocent this more like mitt romney's to lose? >> let's remember of the 17 million, the majority was raised before that last debate where rick perry was tired. from my understanding, from folks within the republican circles that his fund-raising has dropped off substantially
3:22 pm
before then that makes sense. here's the problem about this whole story about the rock. there is two things. one, the way his staff handled it was pure amateur hour. nobody on a staff thought in a national political tam pain that would be a problem. that would be an issue and have a better answer than being painted over or turned over. his team is not quite ready for the bright lights of a national campaign. their excuse was never a problem in texas. that goes to the second issue. those are the vestages of the past. not only a majority of democrats, but the new generation. they don't like that kind of talk either. they are not as invested in the social issues. they are concerned about racism and other forms. you can't be the candidate that is steeped in the racist vestages of the past.
3:23 pm
>> the final question, what does he have to do at the next debate. we have one. >> yes, on tuesday. "the washington post" bloomberg debate in new hampshire. you better believe rick perry is going to get a question about his hunting camp. if he does not have a persuasive answer to the question, it's going to be the fourth debate in a row where he has been hit with a question he should have seen coming and was not rate. . >> i wish we had more time. thank you very much for joining us. have a good weekend. >> you too. >> coming up. >> austin: ri >> austria unveils a shrine to his favorite son.
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1 sheet of bounty leaves this surface as clean as 2 sheets of the bargain brand. ♪ dance cooking? bring it. super durable. super absorbent. super clean. bounty the 1-sheet clean picker-upper. and try bounty napkins. a wave of new protests in support of the rapidly growing wall street movement. demonstrations are planned in cities coast to coast with hundreds vows to stand fast until corporate leaders are called to task and the efforts have not gone unnoticed. in an interview, vice president biden sided with the groups saying he understands their frustrations during these tough economic times. >> the core is the american people do not think the system is fair. or on the level. that is the core of what you are seeing on wall street. there is a lot in common with the tea party.
3:31 pm
the tea party started why? t.a.r.p. they thought it was unfair we are bailing out the big guys. >> not everyone agrees. congressman paul brown changes the swelling movement is an attack on american freedom. >> they don't know why they are there. i see people angry and i see people angry and n my district too, but this attack upon freedom and i think this is what this is all about. >> fox news's bill o'reilly hosts the sentiments denouncing the gathering as nonsense. >> we're don't like america. >> it's a little ironic. >> the and the lattes. >> this was an america where we have the right to speak up. even if someone doesn't like the message. tonight tell that to this police officer ordered to stand guard of the demonstrations to protect
3:32 pm
and serve. >> why? >> protect and serve. money and power. joining us from washington from "the washington post." bill, you said to me 2 1/2 weeks ago you were shocked that people had not. what did you see? >> not only did i say that to you, martin, but when i was on john stewart in april, i said the same thing to him. it was a bit of an off day. they were a big night with the march. i felt subdued atmosphere and people were sleeping for the first time in sleeping bags. this is in the afternoon. the group agreed to spend $2,000 of the money they had buying sleeping bags.
3:33 pm
i saw a is theial candidate. we have a republic instead of a democracy. of course it is if you can keep it. his beef is in a real democracy, the leaders wouldn't be allowed to do what they do. bail out the rich and give tax breaks to the wealthy and all the things he is complaining about. >> this start said as a loose knit gathering of individuals desperate to see change. the president acknowledges the existence in his press conference yesterday. since he can't influence the congress, it's highly unlikely that the demonstrations are going to do so either. >> they may have a better chance of it than the president does. i think the movement leaders have been very careful in saying this is not about supporting president obama and the democrats. they sea them similar to the tea
3:34 pm
party seeing the two evils and they are seeing the same way. i think we are starting to see force in the streets. that may frighten the powerful corporations and the representatives of the powerful. they are not reeblthing to the message and maybe you will react to a more forceful one. >> wall street is paying no attention to these protesters. they are too busy paying lobbyists $5 billion over 10 years to keep regulations down. >> the purpose was to reestablish the status quo as quickly as possible. that's exactly what happened.
3:35 pm
there is a copy of a vocal rule yesterday. they got people crazy in terms of figuring out how they can combat what they are proposing. i think you are right and wall street is not taking it seriously at all. the protesters that have a lot of youthful energy do not understand the nature the way it works and one fellow i spoke to admitted he no idea what wall street did. that's fine, but they would be a lot more powerful as an organization if they educated themselves about the way wall street really worked. >> maybe tried to understand how close wall street and washington are as institutions. >> yeah, i think so. there is this sort of smugness and arrogance. the emphasis is on wall street. the problem here is corporations are sitting on $2 trillion in cash while the 15 million
3:36 pm
americans are out of work. that's the source of average. they are just blaming the obama administration whether it's obama care or anything else. i am not so sure i agree with bill that these folks need to be better educated. what's important is the energy and the anger. if history is any indication, this is most likely to fizzle out. it would probably be a goodning it doesn't. that will restore balance that we have not seen the last couple of years. >> just a final question to both of you. what did you think of eric kantor dismissing them as hood lems and unhelpful. >> and also astroturf. that's the same mistake the democrats made at the beginning of the tea party movement. >> eric kantor is proving himself to be a big part of the problem and not part of the
3:37 pm
solution. he is in a position to help pass obama's jobs bill and to try to change the thing that is the protesters are complaining about instead of dismissing them. that is a road to nowhere. >> what do you think of dana's point that this could be a tea party up rising for the left? >> other people made that point too. i happened to be walking with the columnist afterwards. he made the same difference. i don't know. i don't see it. one thing you have to give the tea party people, they were well educated about what they want and they had a lot of money and elected a lot of people to congress. >> the interview with herman that everyone is talking about. you may not believe what he said. stay with us.
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>> nextweek, first lady michelle obama will break the mark for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period. it's a kid's campaign that fits in with the first lady's let's move initiative. mrs. obama will lead hundreds of d.c. children in one minute of jumping jacks on the south lawn tuesday morning. that will kickoff a 24-hour challenge requiring more than 20,000 participants around the world to get moving. the first lady has been on a personal mission since moving to washington to get americans to live healthier lives. it's a tough challenge. one out of 3 three adults and one out of six children is obese. obesity costs the nation roughly $150 billion a year or 10% of our entire medical costs.
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. >> how will the market close out the week after three straight days of come from behind rallies. tyler? >> martin, today i would say that stocks are a little bit wobbly. how the major market barometers are doing right now. how it is for most of the day, the only index that is higher at 11,178. they just flipped into positive territory and only by negative and the nasdaq is back by 8.75. 103,000 jobs were added, but unfortunate 3 did not move the needle not a bit.
3:46 pm
unemployment in america at a distressingly high 9.1%. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. back to you. >> thanks, tyler. that has been quite the week for herman cain. he tied mitt romney and published a book which he anticipates becoming president in 2012 and made several television appearances. appearances that revealed more about his views on various subjects like abortion. >> you would like to roll back or bring back don't ask don't tell? i think you believe being gi is a choice? >> yes. >> you believe no abortions even if the woman is raped. >> that's new view. >> you are a very conservative candidate. >> yes. >> how does mr. cain feel about the wall street protests? >> i don't have facts to back this up, but i happen to believe that these demonstrations are
3:47 pm
planned and orchestrated to distract from the failed policies of the obama administration. don't blame wall street. don't blame the big banks. if you don't have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself. >> in what may be his extensive appearance with my colleague, mr. cain was asked to explain comments he makes in his book in which he described having little interest in the civil rights movement. >> i didn't go downtown and try to participate in sit ins counter to our real feelings, we decided to avoid trouble by moving to the back of the bus when the driver told us to. dad always said stay out of trouble and we did. >> did you expect every black student and every black college in america to be out there in the middle of every fight? the answer is no. >> that didn't exactly sit right with many americans including our guest, goldie taylor.
3:48 pm
good afternoon, goldie. >> good afternoon, martin. >> he's got a fair point. you can't expect every single member of a community to suddenly play with the rest in an issue like this. >> why not? he was here in atlanta going to school from 1963 to 1967. if there were middle schoolers and college students across the country getting involved in the civil rights movement, why not herman cain going to school in the belly of the civil rights movement where it touched itself off. so do we expect someone like this who was here in atlanta during that time would be involved? of course we would. we would be right to suggest he should. the idea that he said we were okay with moving to the back of the bus said a lot more about herman than some of us talking about it. >> what are does if say in your view? >> around the turn of the
3:49 pm
century, people talked about some of our civil rights leaders as being an accommodation and the major thing for herman cane skpth offensive name of the family hunting grounds. herman cain said it was insensitive and he didn't have a problem with that word. i have a problem with someone who doesn't mind moving to the back of the bus and doesn't have a problem with that word. i think that's the issue for herman cain. dr. king said it's not who you are in times of comfort and convenience, but who you are in times of challenge and controversy. controversy was at herman cain's doorstep and he did nothing. that's the issue here. if you are running for president, everything you say, do, and write is open for scrutiny. and everything you didn't say, do, and write is also open for scrutiny. >> you know that the people that he is appealing to, the people
3:50 pm
that he needs to win over in order to win a primary, those people do not want to hear from a black man who is aggressive, assertive, angry. they want to hear from a man who is why he's doing it. there's method in this, isn't there? >> you know, there's method in it, but here's his problem. if he wins the general -- if he wins the presidential primary and goes on to the general election, he's got to appeal to all americans. he said in an interview just over the last week that he could appeal to 30% of african-american voters. how is he going to tell that 30% of african-american voters that when the civil rights movement came right to his doorstep, he would open the door? that's got to be real concerning to his campaign, not just how he'll do in this primary, but how he would do in a general. he is surging to the top of the gop, you know, polls here pip mean, he is tied with mitt romney in at least one poll. that says something in and of
3:51 pm
itself about this gop base, but the very idea that someone like herman cain could walk into our white house and not give a hoot about that word or not give a hoot about what was happening in the civil rights movement, because he wanted to keep his head down and stay out of trouble, that should bottom you. what if andy young said, i just want to stay out of trouble? what if ralph david abernathy said, i just want to stay out of trouble. what if fritz shuttleworth, who just passed away a few days ago, bless his heart, said, i just want to stay out of trouble. if they would have said that, herman cain would be delivering pizza. he certainly wouldn't be running for president. >> and he wouldn't have a vote. lawrence read a tweet from a viewer who asked how cain expected to win the black vote when all he tdid, quote, was insult their intelligence. >> i said that the good news is that more and more black americans are thinking for themselves. so they did not consider my statement insulting, because a
3:52 pm
lot of them are thinking for themselves. if they want to talk about insulting, they need to look at the president when he talked to the congressional black caucus and insulted black people, in my opinion, by telling them to take off their slippers and put on their marching boots when he has had nothing but failed policies. that's insulting to me. >> goldie, you be the judge. who's insulting he ining who he? is it mr. cain, is it the president? >> i think it's insulting that herman cain had his bedroom slippers on in 1963 and wasn't involved in the civil rights movement, even though he was living and working right here in the city of atlanta. that's insulting. to call someone like me or anyone else brainwashed because we may or may not want to consider some of his, not just conservative policies, you know, herman cain is to the right of jerry folwell on some things. so i think that is an issue in and of itself. so to say that african-americans are not socially conservative, we are. we just aren't considering people who have not done a thing in their lifetime to help
3:53 pm
advance the gains for us as a community. that's not brainwashed, that is counting on your record. >> goldie taylor, as ever, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me, martin. turning now to some lighter fare, neither the rain nor the cold autumn temperatures in austria could terminate fans and journalists from turning up to see the actor and former politician arnold schwarzenegger unveiling a statue of himself. the ceremony marked the inauguration of a museum entirely dedicated to the arnold and located in the town where he was born, and it was nothing short of a festive occasion. there was music playing. ♪ even arnold himself had some inspiration to share with those who came to bear witness to such a monumental event. [ speaking foreign language ]
3:54 pm
>> now, i'm not entirely clear as to what he said there, but i do know that while addressing the crowd, he had these words. "personal success is the result of determination, hard work, and stubbornness." the museum contains items that had an influence on arnold's wife including his first bar belle and the metal bed that he slept on as a child before leaving austria for international superstardom. of course, what would a schwarzenegger museum be without several life-sized terminator models and the desk he sat behind while he was governor as california. however, while his son, patrick, was there, he didn't mention his estranged wife and certainly no mention whatsoever of his mistress. perhaps we'll have to wait until the release of his upcoming memoir "total recall." can't get enough of arnold and his statue? this and other clips from the show can be found at twitter on bashirlive and on our facebook page. and we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is lara.
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and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. it's time now to clear the air. perhaps the biggest surprise in the republican race for the white house has been the surge of herman cain, whose new book, "this is herman cain: my journey to the white house," has just been published. in the book, mr. cain says this about the civil rights movement. "it didn't have an impact. i just kept going to school, doing what i was supposed to do and stayed out of trouble." compare that with the life of the reverend fred shuttleworth, who passed away this week at the age of 89. until wednesday, mr. shuttlesworth was the last surviving member of the big three. he's seen here, sitting here between dr. martin luther king jr. and the reverend ralph abernathy. they were the three founders at the southern leadership conference in the 1950s. mr. shuttlesworth was a godly and devout man of faith who
3:59 pm
trained for the ministry, but also braved beatings, bombings, and fire hosings in order to advance the cause of equality. on christmas day itself in 1956, somebody placed 15 sticks of dynamite outside the parsonage where he lived. the explosion destroyed his humble home, but he survived. a year later, in 1957, he and his wife took their daughters to enroll in an all-white school in birmingham. but as they arrived, they were met with men carrying chains, brass knuckles, and baseball bats. his wife, ruby, was stabbed in the head. he was beaten unconscious. mr. shuttlesworth once said from the pulpit, i'm answerable to judge, for he is the judge. but as i read herman cain's book, it's hard not to concluded that he finds himself answerable only to those republicans who will soon start nominating him to the white house. and as such, he feels


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